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About Us

Our Vision

We are Good Ground Family Church, founded in December 1998, in the community room of the Troy YMCA. We are currently located in Cohoes, NY

Cohoes was once a very prosperous city at the turn of the last century, dating back to the early 1800’s. In its heyday, due to the highly lucrative textile mills that were located at the juncture of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, Cohoes was considered one of the top ten “Most Influential Cities” in America. However, today it is considered one of the most impoverished areas in Albany County.

In 2001, we purchased the 118 year old Catholic Cathedral from the Albany Diocese for $50,000. It is a magnificent structure that we call the “Miracle on the Hill!” Since its purchase, we have worked to serve our new community and build our congregation, so have we also pursued an ongoing schedule of repairs and renovations.

We have compassion for all people and especially for the needy of Cohoes, our surrounding communities, and our region because this is where God has planted us. We are diligently working to bring this sanctuary back to its intended use.

Our vision is coming to pass as we see it become a warm, inviting, and intimate worship space once again.

If you have family bring them… If you want family come.