Good Ground Family ChurchGood Ground Family Church

What Should I Expect

At Good Ground Family Church our entire gathering on Sunday morning is called “Worship” and has different components – worship in music, worship in giving, worship through ministry of the Word, worship in fellowship. We know God is a God of order and it is our desire to do all things decently and in order along with a spirit of excellence. We also know that we can’t put God in a box so are always open to being led by His Spirit and for His glory.

What Should I Wear?

woman-satisfiedWe don’t have a dress code other than wear clothing that’s modest, tasteful and respectful of a worship setting. You’ll see people wearing jeans, dresses, suits and ties and most often business casual. We truly believe that God looks at what’s in your heart and not what’s on your body.

Come ready to receive what God has in store for you!